Patricia Bray (pbray) wrote,
Patricia Bray

YA books are not just for kids

My sister called me to share her most recent tale of woe-- her daughter has decided that it's simply not cool to have her mom enjoy the same books that she does, so she wants my sister to immediately stop reading anything that comes from the YA side of the bookstore. Which is a problem since they're mid-series on a few of these and have been passing volumes back and forth. And my sister refuses to buy duplicate copies of books she's already paid for, simply because her daughter has taken to hiding the originals.

They've now entered the stage where threats of reduced book buying allowances have been met with counterthreats to borrow books from the library and friends instead and hide those as well. I spent most of the phone call making sympathetic noises while trying not to burst out laughing. Honestly, I understand the pain of someone who has just finished volume three and desperately needs to read volume four to discover how everything turns out. But at the same time, if a teenager is going to pick a fight with her mom, having it be about books is a pretty good problem to have.
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