Patricia Bray (pbray) wrote,
Patricia Bray

Final days to pledge your allegiance

Team humans or Team Aliens? Team Patricia or Team Joshua? You have until Friday morning at 11:56 EDT to join our army of supporters by backing Clockwork Universe: Steampunk vs Aliens edited by Patricia Bray and Joshua Palmatier. The anthology will include stories by Bradley Beaulieu, Caitlin Kittredge, Gini Koch, Scott Lynch, Gail Z. Martin, Seanan McGuire, Ian Tregillis, and others.

We've already reached the minimum funding level so the project is a go. Now we're on the bonus jeopardy rounds, with cool extra awards being unlocked. Make your pledge and reserve your copy now, and we'll add your name to the list of those who will be under our protection when the zombie hordes begin their rampage.
Tags: anthologies, clockwork universe, kickstarter, znb
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