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Release day

And now for your listening enjoyment, THE CHRONICLES OF JOSAN trilogy available from Audible.

I remember when the idea for the story first came to me--it was a rainy day on the Outer Banks, and as I looked over the dunes I had this image of a windswept island, and a man standing beside a lighthouse. For days I kept turning the idea over and over in my head. Who was this man? Why was he there? And where did those goats come from?

The result was the story of Josan, a scholar who is unwillingly swept into international intrigue and discovers his soul is, perhaps literally, not his own.

The First Betrayal
Orphan, exile, priest, Josan lives a humble life as a lighthouse keeper, his past forgotten by everyone–including himself. Lady Ysobel Flordelis of Alcina is a spy posing as a diplomat, sent to Ikaria to stir up rebellion, when a chance encounter with Josan sets off a deadly chain of events. Now, as Ysobel navigates the treacherous intrigues of the Ikarian court, Josan will be forced to leave his island exile and embark on a dangerous journey to unlock the secrets of his past. The question is, who can he trust, when he can’t even trust himself?

The Sea Change
When the imperial family is assassinated, few are pleased at the transformation of Prince Lucius from condemned prisoner to Emperor of Ikaria. As he fights to secure his throne he also wages a deadly battle within himself–as the two souls trapped in his body vie for supremacy. Meanwhile, his nemesis Lady Ysobel has returned home in disgrace, where her former allies seek to rid themselves of her. When war is declared, she is sent on a mission meant to ensure her death–now she must fight not just for survival, but to shape the future of both countries.

The Final Sacrifice
Emperor Lucius has led his people to victory, but is losing a private war within himself, as the spell which bound his soul to that of the monk Josan is now unraveling, threatening to destroy them both. Their only hope lies in the forbidden magic teachings of a distant land. Reluctantly abandoning his empire, Lucius secretly embarks upon a desperate journey, pursued by his former enemy Lady Ysobel of Seddon. But when a new war threatens all that he has fought for, he must choose between his own salvation or learning to wield the very magic that will destroy him.

I know many people who listen to audio books during long commutes, or while working out, and I'm thrilled that they'll now have a chance to listen to my stories.
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