Patricia Bray (pbray) wrote,
Patricia Bray

Leading by example

I'm working on my notes for my upcoming guest lecture at the Odyssey Writers Workshop. The workshop organizers stress the value of including personal experience into your presentation.

Which brings to mind an unfortunate kayak excursion. The river was extremely low, so much so that we kept stepping out, picking up our kayaks, then carrying them until we found a spot where they would once again float. As the group started to separate across the width of the river, we'd call back to our companions "Not this way!" and "Not this way either!"

Come to think of it, that encapsulates my advice to new writers. Be prepared to try lots of things, and don't be discouraged if you fail. Learn from those who have gone before you, but don't assume something that worked for them will also work for you. Or conversely, just because they failed doesn't mean you won't succeed.

And always keep your sense of humor.
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