Patricia Bray (pbray) wrote,
Patricia Bray

The secret knowledge of goats

In film, Alfred Hitchcock is known for his signature cameo appearances. In fiction, Patricia Bray is known for including goats. Goats creep into her stories like secret punctuation marks, leaving tiny cloven hoofprints among the pages. Some call her obsessed, but Patricia has stumbled on a truth that few others know--the universe is made up of five elements, not four-- Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Goats. Now you can show your support for all things Caprid, by pledging $85 you'll receive a ZNB goat mascot autographed by Patricia, guaranteed to contain the secret knowledge known only to goats and their devotees.

Follow this link to learn more about ZNB's latest Kickstarter: Robots, Water, Death, and to make your pledge in order to receive your very own goat mascot.
Tags: anthologies, goats, kickstarter, znb
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