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When last seen, our heroine...

Patricia Bray

Q. Can I friend you?
A. Sure the more the merrier. Feel free to friend me, there's no need to ask permission.

Q. Will you friend me back?
A. Probably not. My websurfing time is extremely limited and I feel guilty every time I have to skip over entries on my friendslist. But when I do have time, I may pop over to your journal and say "Hi!"

Q. What do you talk about on this journal?
A. It's heavily writing oriented, as I discuss my books and how I'm currently managing the balance between full-time employment and my writing career. I'll also blog about whatever interests me at the moment.

Q. Do I have to have a Livejournal account to comment on your blog?
A. No, you can use the anonymous comment option. However, all anonymous comments are screened first so I can weed out the incessant spam.

Random facts about me:

1) I can be bribed with dark chocolate, craft beers or red wines.

2) Before I started writing I read an average of 5 books a week. Now I'm lucky if I'm able to get through 2 or 3 books in a month. Though I remain optimistic and buy far more books than I'll ever find time to read.

3) I'm a vocabulary junkie, and count among my greatest writing achievements the story where I managed to include mangel-wurzels just because the word was so cool.

4) I come from a long line of storytellers, all of whom believed that a good story was far more important than the literal truth. I use this power only for good-- which means to confound telemarketers, opinion poll takers, and others of that ilk.

5) I once started a write-in campaign to have our credit union's mascot owl named "Tastes Like Chicken". I still insist that TLC is a better name than "Trusty the Owl" which they eventually settled on.

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